Benefits of using Process Automation Systems for Turbomachinery Control

When replacing or upgrading (obsolete) turbomachinery control systems, integratingturbomachinery controls with process controls has many benefits. It increases the reliability of customer’s machinery and process. Single hardware platform provides smaller footprint (e.g. off-shore space limits), knowledge, training – focus on one system and integrated architecture. Integrating all machines and sensors on one screen and remote access which allows you to view the same information from every control screen around the plant. Download the full Control-Care article published in the September/October issue of Managing Aging Plants on


Steam turbine generator controls upgrade in Sluiskil

Control-Care will complete a steam turbine controls upgrade of one steam turbine generator set including steam pressure control, power (MW) control and turbine extraction valve control at a utilities plant in Sluiskil. Parts of the original control systems of the existing control panel will be  removed and new parts will be installed. Only the core PLC is replaced while the remote IO is kept intact.

Compressor controls and instrumentation refit in the UK

Control and protection system replacement for a new process gas compressor by Control-Care at a chemical plant in the UK. This project includes design, engineering and manufacturing of a new compressor control system and on-site training. Flow transmitters, temperature measurement adjustments, replacement of existing anti-surge valves, pressure transmitters for oil system and PLC configuration are part of the Control-Care scope.

Compressor control system upgrade

Control-Care  received an order from ABB for a motor-compressor UCP replacement project for an FPSO in Canada. The deliverables include a site survey, detailed engineering like compressor load sharing/balancing of HP1 and HP2 compressors configuration engineering, FAT, SAT and offshore commissioning.

Turbomachinery controls retrofit in Belgium

Control-Care Systems has succesfully upgraded and commissioned the turbine and compressor control system of an ammonia plant in Belgium. The system is in operation since December 2018 and performs to expectation. The existing and third party provided 'black-box' systems have al been replaced by DCS hardware and integrated to the plant DCS system. Included in the scope was retrofitting the existing turbine actuators to improve and provide for tighter speed control and faster and flawless start-ups.

Long Term Service Agreement

Control-Care has entered into to a Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) support for control and protection systems on critical rotating equipment, including multiple flash gas compressors, sales gas compressors, expander compressor trains, combustion air compressors and steam turbines. Control-Care is providing resident turbomachinery control specialists on a rotational schedule to Kazakhstan.

Steam turbine controls retrofit

Control-Care will upgrade the control and protection system of a Mitsui steam turbine driving a large fan (blower) on one of the largest phosphate mining and processing plant in Morocco. Our scope of delivery includes the unit control panel with our Steam Turbine Control Application (STCA) in a redundant PLC, overspeed protection device, governor valve actuators and trip valve actuator and speed sensors. Delivery and start-up is targeted for Q1 in 2018

Gas to Liquid plant, Malaysia

Bintulu, Malaysia - Phase 2 of engineering services for implementation of turbomachinery controls upgrade. Our engineering services were selected to complete a basic design and full engineering package (“BDEP”) for another 4 compressor trains for a Gas to Liquids plant in Malaysia. This project put Control-Care in a favorable position and we won the next phase of the project.


Steam turbine generator controls upgrade

Rejuvenation of an existing steam turbine control panel at a utilities plant in Sluiskil. Only the core PLC is replaced while the remote IO is kept intact...


Compressor controls refit in the UK

Complete control and instrumentation refit of a process gas compressor including renewal of the existing compressor control...


Compressor control system upgrade

Motor compressor UCP replacement at an FPSO in Canada. The new control system will replace an obsolete third party system...