The Performance Control Application (PCA) with Station Control Application (SCA), designed and developed by Control-Care Systems, performs load-sharing or load-balancing of your multiple compressor trains, controls your single train performance via a Performance Control Application (PCA) and provides control for an optional cold recycle valve arrangement. The entire Control-Care compressor control scheme can include antisurge (ACA) and performance (PCA) control, load-balancing optimization (SCA), compressor auxiliaries sequencing, parametric diagnostics and ESD system interfacing.


Performance Control Application (PCA) is used to

control the individual compressor train’s performance, also known as stand-alone performance control or in combination with the load-balancing control application (SCA) allowing load-balancing control with other compressors in parallel or in series.


Individual compressor performance is controlled by compressor speed setpoint or inlet guide vane (IGV) setpoint or inlet (suction) or outlet(discharge) valve position setpoint.


The performance control application reverts to alternative control when at high motor current or high driver power or compressor choke control or a alternate (process) pressure or temperature limit is reached.


Coordinated start-up sequencing between compressor sequence, Antisurge Control Application (ACA) and Station Control Application (SCA)


The Station Control Application (SCA) is used to

• maintain the main processvariable to desired setpoint

• load-balance compressor trains running in parallel and/or in series

• minimize compressor recycling during lowered throughput situations


The controller provides fully-integrated multi-loop, compressor load-balancing or performance control on a hardware independent platform. Load-sharing or load-balancing (LB) between your units working in parallel and/or series operation mode is performed using a predefined optimization target; Efficiency or speed for instance are common selections using our basic algorithms. Which algorithm is used to achieve your selected target depends on your unit’s condition.


Our Unit Control Application (UCA) or Performance Control Application (PCA) allows you to effectively control the performance of your turbo compressor(s) during start-up conditions as well as during (ab)normal operation with minimal operator intervention.

Performance Control Application (PCA)

& Station Control Application (SCA) 


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